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What do the public think about CCS? Do they think about it at all? There are many new projects in the pipeline in the UK and some repositioning of attitudes of NGOs – what impacts are there on developing projects? Multi-industry decarbonisation clusters are forming – how does communicating these projects differ in comparison with a project on a single point source? Who should be undertaking this communication?

This webinar focused on community engagement routes and explored historical issues with CCS Communication and public acceptance. It highlighted the issues that project developers should be aware of and the pitfalls that they should seek to avoid. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion with the audience invited to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

Chair: Jen Roberts (University of Strathclyde)

Speakers and provisional titles:

  • Niall Dunphy (University College Cork), “Effective engagement with public(s)”
  • Leslie Mabon (Open University), “Ethical and justice concerns around CCS: what they are, and why they matter”
  • David Reiner (University of Cambridge), “Preparing to communicate to industrial clusters”