The Project

What work is being done?

The work being done for the SNZR project has been split up into a number of defined milestones which are presented below. Overall this work will focus on the development of the models for the initial 16 months of the project with the last eight months or so of the project focussing on refinement and knowledge sharing.

Key milestones

  • Q1/2
    Stakeholder engagement and data gathering
  • Q3/4
    Concept level engineering
  • Q3/4
    Develop system model
  • Q5
    Initial scenario outputs and policy considerations
  • Q6/7
    Scenario refinements and cluster level economics
  • Q8
    Knowledge share and policy inputs

The work is taking place over both 2021 and 2022 with initial results expected in the first half of 2022. An overview of the timelines for key parts of the project are shown here


From the work carried out by the project partners there are defined outputs that will be created to show the outcomes of the project. These outcomes are:

  1. Geographic area covering 80% of Scottish industrial emissions – 28 sites
  2. Baseline reference case to consider Net Zero scenarios against
  3. Technology deployment options for various decarbonising options
  4. Conceptual Engineering of decarbonising options
    • Hydrogen (Blue – Green), Electrification, CCU, CCS, Energy Efficiency
    • Localised – Centralised Hydrogen, pipelines – shipping CO2 and/or H2
  5. Energy System Model of High Potential Scenarios
  6. Scenario Outputs in terms of:
    • Energy Demands, CO2 abated, CAPEX, OPEX, action plans, risksand mitigations
  7. Economic Value Added (EVA) modelling of key scenarios
  8. Support for: Whole Economy Modelling, Supply Chain Engagement, Skills & Workforce Planning, Just Transition
  9. Input to UK and Scottish Government policy, regulation and planning frameworks

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